The Shawl (a self portrait)
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This work, “The Company of Women”, involves the collection of photographs of female people: family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours, each wearing the same shawl.

The aim of the work is to discuss the value of the relationships that we develop in our lifetimes and the fragility of these connections.  I am slowly constructing a self portrait in which I remain invisible but whose component parts are formed by my own unique connections. These connections may be broken as knitting wool can be unravelled.   

The shawl is knitted from the wool of the rare Soay sheep from St. Kilda.  The pattern is by wool artist Liz Lovick.  The shawl was difficult to make and will be unravelled but first recorded in various ways and remembered for a time by those who wore it.

I hope one day to visit St. Kilda to see the remnants of a community evacuated in 1930 after thousands of years of close island life.  The dilution of culture and skill happened then as it does now in communities forced to leave their homelands.