I am working from Studio 4 at O.V.A.D.A. (Oxford Visual Arts Development Agency) http://www.ovada.org.uk/

My current work involves painting, sculpture, photography and drawing.  

Since Spring 2015 I have undertaken voluntary work for Urban Heritage, maintaining five blue plaques around Oxford City.  

The plaques can be viewed on many internet sites, including the following:-


Exhibitions and shows

2019    joint show with Stephen Lunn, 1896 Gallery, Boat of Garten, Highland

2019    selected exhibition Seven Counties Open at OVADA Warehouse

2019    solo show LACE WEIGHT  at The North Wall Arts Centre Gallery, Oxford

2018    group show THE GREAT DIVIDE at OVADA Warehouse Oxford

2018    group show NATURE OUR NATURE at Terre Verte Gallery, Alternun, Cornwall.

2017    group painting show, tutors and students of OVADA Contemporary Painting course BELOW THE SURFACE

2016    installation of sculpture in “Self Portrait of an Ordinary Woman in Copper and Water” at Terre Verte Gallery, Alternun, Cornwall.

2016    end of year group show at OVADA Warehouse THIRD SPACE  

          Installation: Back to Buddleia Building Deconstruction Company  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iai28Ye9-5E&sns=em   (from 7.15 minutes’ mark)

2016    installation of sculpture in copper and water “The Family” at HemingwayArt Gallery, Oxfordshire.

2016    A pop-up W.A.S. group show at the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford.  Work in response to the FABULOUS ADAVO COLLECTION.


2016    MARK MAKING OVER TIME at Modern Art Oxford.

           Collaborative OVADA Warehouse Art School  - group-led painting workshop.


2015  BREATHING SPACE  - End of year group show Warehouse Art School, O.V.A.D.A.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fod-txXbsrw&sns=em   (from 8.34 minutes’ mark)

2015    ART DELTA GROUP SHOW             Oxford ArtWeeks Festival  

2014    ART DELTA GROUP SHOW             Oxford ArtWeeks Festival

2012    LOST LANDSCAPES  (CPRE Oxon. selected exhibition) involving the community of Barton and the Barton Village Nature Park

2012    MULTITUDE SOLITUDE Solo exhibition of paintings at Linacre College, Oxford


Associate Member at Oxford Printmakers Cooperative                                    Contact email: imo.rigden@icloud.com

Associate Member OVADA

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